As T-shirts become more and more versatile in terms of when and where you can wear them, finding high quality T-shirts is more important than ever. The fear of overdressing is real, but at the same time you don’t want to be too casual. A high quality T-shirt can be the difference between no effort and effortless elegance. And that’s far from the only benefit high quality T-shirts have to offer. 

Investing in the right high quality T-shirts can be better for the Planet, your skin, and even your wallet. We have prepared items especially for you thanks to which you can find a high quality T-shirt.


First you need to understand what it is a high quality T-shirt.

Some say the fabric, others say the thread count, others focus on the experience wearing it. There are many ways to measure quality in a T-shirt, and we like to focus on all of them. 

We would say a high quality T-shirt is more than just what it’s physically made of. The what, the how, and the who all support the why.

Simply put, we want to make the world better by creating better T-shirts. But when you think about all the benefits a high quality T-shirt has to offer, you really start to ask yourself why wouldn’t you invest in a high quality T-shirt? 

If you are faced with a situation when you need to choose a high quality T-shirt, then you can read the points and questions that will help you with this.


Look at customer reviews to find best quality t-shirt brands

Some brands operate in alignment with their values. Some brands talk a big game and don’t deliver. But customers are almost always honest, so starting with customer reviews is always a great first step to determine the quality of a T-shirt and the brand behind it. We treasure our customer reviews because the feedback helps us improve, and we like to share the feedback publicly so that new customers can get a sense of what it’s like to interact with us. 

While you’xre scrolling through the comments, keep an eye out for the things that matter most to you. If you’re looking for a great T-shirt for workouts, what are the active customers saying about their experience? If style is more your concern, what are other fashion-conscious buyers saying in their reviews? 

Another thing to look for is your buying experience--does the brand handle returns well, have people been able to get in touch with customer service, what is it like to physically receive your T-shirt in the mail?



Does high cost mean high quality in t-shirts?


In the long run, high quality T-shirts should actually cost less, not more, than regular T-shirts. And that doesn’t just mean reducing the cost to the environment--high quality T-shirts will save you money over time by reducing your cost per wear. 

How much something costs is not so important as why it costs so much. The cost of T-shirts accounts for purchasing organic cotton, paying fair wages, providing a plastic-free packaging and much more. 

What does the cost of a different luxury fashion item account for? We’re not here to make any assumptions, but if the brand won’t explain how they came up with their prices or how their T-shirts are made, that’s not a good sign. Shop with those who have nothing to hide.


Does high thread count mean high quality?

Not necessarily. 

Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch in a fabric. Sometimes this is how T-shirts are measured in quality, and while thread count is a good indicator of quality, there is more to it than that. 

A high thread count means the threads are more tightly woven together, making the fabric more durable and also softer. Our T-shirts are made with 40 single, 137 GSM 100% organic cotton.

You could have a high thread count T-shirt made from inorganic cotton, and that T-shirt would not be as high quality as an organic cotton T-shirt. 

One reason is usually that inorganic cotton is not as naturally soft as organic cotton, and many companies will use chemicals to soften the T-shirt, and those chemicals will wash off whereas organic cotton is naturally soft. 

The other reasons have to do with the ethics of cotton production. We believe unethical production diminishes quality… after all, your favorite T-shirt will feel lighter when you can wear it without guilt


What are high quality t-shirts made of?

High quality T-shirts start with 100% high quality, pre-shrunk cotton. That means no itchy synthetic fibers, and no shrinking or shape-changing after your T-shirt has gone through the wash.

What difference does organic make? A lot. 

In short, organic cotton is a healthier plant which yields a better quality fabric. Inorganic cotton is often softened with chemicals and treated with pesticides that find their way into the clothing and onto your skin. 

If you’re looking for the best T-shirts, be sure that your shirt is GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard) certified. That means the material in them is safe from harmful and unnatural dyes and chemicals, which is good for you and good for the environment.

We ask that you use environmentally safe products to wash T-shirts, both for the health of the planet and the health of your organic cotton T-shirt! 


How does the brand present itself?

You can tell a lot about a company from how they present themselves. A seller of high quality T-shirts will want to reflect that with a high quality website, a presence on social media, and clear communication. 


It’s easy to navigate their website

High quality brands value your shopping experience. You should be able to easily find what you need, whether it’s a collection of best selling T-shirts, a women’s T-shirt style guide, or more information about the brand history.